“I am really grateful to have learnt and practiced hatha with Joe during a week-long retreat in Spain. I benefited from his gentle and mindful guidance to start each day with intentions, breath, posture and intuitive movements. He has a knack for sharing anatomical knowledge and practical wisdom about how hatha fits into yoga as a way of life. I found his classes well prepared and co-ordinated with the other instructors’ to offer a complete and enriching experience during the retreat. I also enjoyed spending time with Joe after class during our group hikes around the local valley, and look forward to learning from him again in future.”

~Nav D.
 London, U.K



“From my first experience of Joe I noticed that his classes invited me to a sense of openness and acceptance…that to really enter my practice I needed to walk in with a kindness towards myself that can often be challenging. After being in Joe’s classes now for some time, I’ve come to understand that this is because I cannot fully come into presence in my practice while keeping any parts of myself shut out, whether due to fear, or insecurity, or…what have you.

Joe shows towards his students a sort of universal kindness and acceptance that is contagious, and encourages us to show that same kindness towards ourselves and those around us. I have truly learned from his classes.”

~Melanie D.
 Arcata, CA


“I took Joe’s classes on a nearly daily basis for about 3 months when we were working alongside each other in Spain. I found his classes especially great for beginners as he takes a slow and safe approach to the poses. For the more experienced student it is a great opportunity to break down the poses and to really feel every part of it. I felt confident and reassured to always listen to my body. His classes are 0 pressure and he shows so much respect to every student and is always there to help and offer adjustments. He doesn’t just teach yoga, he lives it & that comes through in and outside his classes. He has a great passion to help others and is always open to learn from his students. He’s helped me a lot by repeating small things that eventually stuck and now have a big impact on my life. In particular on the breath. Thank you for being a great teacher and a great friend.”

~Lieke M.
 Spanish Point, Ireland





“One thing I appreciate greatly about class led by Joe, is that as you’re ready to receive instruction, he delivers the information on how to operate for each pose with the proper amount of detail. Information is delivered at a medium, soothing pace and in a tone that assists the body in calming.

When taking a yoga class, I look for a couple of things: focus on calming the entire body(and how to get there) with attention to the breath, during some classes to focus on a topic like chest-opening  or the feet/legs, as well as a supportive attitude from the teacher. Joe accomplishes all three of these elements. It is a lot of joy learning with him!”

~Justine B.
 Arcata, CA




“I first came to know Joe in 300 hr Advanced YTT, where as a fellow student he brings insight and a finely tuned eye to our learning forum. Joe seems to presuppose little; most statements are paired with a well developed question. This studious dedication follows Joe, aligning with the way he teaches -humbly, with consistent intention directed toward students well being, teaching what he knows and living what he teaches.”

~Steve D.
 Arcata, CA




“I had the pleasure of attending many of Joe’s classes over two months and loved his gentle yet challenging approach. His classes are well structured and for all yoga types. He often has self help mantras throughout the practice to help you stay true to your intentions for taking part in a class. I enjoyed his hatha classes and enjoyed how he always payed special attention to how I was progressing. He is truly a great teacher and I would fully recommend attending his classes.”

~Kirsten B.
 Cape Town, South Africa



“Joe is a conscientious and caring yoga teacher who brings a great positivity to his classes and students. He is very likeable, an all-round helper and willing to adapt to different situations and surroundings. During his time with us at the retreat he created and lead vinyasa flow, hatha, yin, meditation classes and several workshops (like Anatomy and Alignment) for guests whose yoga experience ranges from complete beginners to yoga teachers. He guided several walking meditations and is an expert on yin yoga – his inputs had marvellous results.

As a retreat we attract yoga students with a broad range of physical and mental abilities and challenges, which Joe was well able to accommodate and support with tailored classes.

I have had excellent feedback on his teaching from our guests and would be very happy to recommend him to any studio or retreat. We really enjoyed having Joe, with his amazing sense of humor and his listening ear, here!”

~Namit K.
Owner of Yoga Sutra Shala

Benissivá, Spain