Making the World Go Round and Round

December 2015 --With almost forty references between hosting, surfing, and random interactions, proudly all positive, Couchsurfing has influenced my travels a lot more than I realized. My most recent cross country road trip initiated this thought as I miraculously had four hosts in a row to accommodate me on my ride from Chicago, Illinois to... Continue Reading →


Opening the Third Eye

“Sixteen days that will last a lifetime.” --Ganga White I did not exactly know what Ganga meant the night he spoke these words, but now I can say he was right. At points I joked with my peers, “sixteen days that feel like a lifetime;” however, I loved every minute of my training except the... Continue Reading →

Studying an Organism

Organism- "a form of life composed of mutually interdependent parts that maintain various vital processes." I am usually mixed up within the chaos to not even notice one precious moment to the next, but now I was able to just sit back and observe its existence as a whole. I examined it from the... Continue Reading →

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