Studio Classes

Below are brief descriptions of my classes. Every class I offer includes meditation, breath awareness, and a full savasana.


Align and Flow– Class begins with an opening meditation and awareness of breath to fuel a fine tuned Hatha Flow sequence that allows students to practice with structural alignment throughout the body, offering integrity in each asana to then find our own flow.


Hatha Flow– A breath centered and alignment based practice, allowing students at least 3-5 breaths in every pose to feel into what each asana offers. A slower paced class does not mean less work, but the opposite. Find your strength and integrity on the mat and take it with you into everyday life.


Restorative– A balanced practice between active and restorative classes allows for people to be well rounded. This restful class offers different supported asanas that allows students to let go of stress and sink into relaxation.


Yin– Yin Yoga is an active practice, ranging between 80, 50, and 10% engagement, while a Restorative practice is completely relaxed and passive. Discover your edge and back off, learning to welcome ease into your practice as we hope to achieve stillness and integrity, holding our poses longer, some 3-5 minutes, to allow for our fascia to release. Enjoy your metta infused Yin practice and find out why “Yin is In.”