Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I want to hear about your travel experiences. Did I give you a good tip? Did you learn something incredible on your trip? Had a bad experience? Anything insightful or entertaining from your travels can be posted here in the comments section. Should this become a hot topic, I’ll give this section more structure to make it easier to browse.


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  1. One travel experience really taught me to PLAN <– something that I am so terrible at. I went to Paris a couple years ago but forgot to tell my bank i was leaving the country and they cut off all my money. It sucked but it didn't make the trip completely awful. I really learned that when traveling there is always something to be enjoyed for free. I even got to watch a game of the World Cup right in front of the Eiffel Tower! Not at all a wasted trip. I just hope that people learn from this and at least do a little bit of planning. 🙂
    I like that Joe has shown us some of the planning gone into his upcoming trip

  2. Hi Joe. Looks like you are having a great time. Canada is a large country. You need to put the province in too so everyone knows that it is Regina, Saskatchewan, just like you would put in the State if you were going thru the US. Keep posting, we will follow your adventure. Mrs. Murray

  3. Hi Joe: Trip is looking good. Canada is a very large country. You need to put the province in Regina, Saskachewan, Canada so everyone knows were you are just like if you were in the States. Maybe you will come home with an accent, eh?

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