The Temple of Aeolus

November 2015-  Though there was a chill in the air, the sun was shining brightly and with about a fifteen-hundred foot elevation gain; we could not have had a more beautiful day. There was at least a ten degree (Fahrenheit) temperature difference in the shadows of the canyon walls, which only encouraged me to pick... Continue Reading →


-This is an excerpt from an untitled story I am writing about an epic train ride I survived last December through Northern Myanmar. Enjoy.   December 2014           … I walked the station platform and immediately noticed another lone Westerner. I made sure he was in the right spot and soon discovered my companion for the... Continue Reading →

Myanmar, Not Burma

December 2014- I love Myanmar. Some moments I had there were rougher than others, which just made them that much more memorable. I have never been so welcomed and accepted in my life. No joke, I was a celebrity. The Burmese are genuinely welcoming and curious of foreigners. It was nice to speak with people... Continue Reading →

Mergui Depths

December 2014 The price to embark on an epic five day / four night dive cruise was a significant amount of what I spent overall traveling throughout Southeast Asia (roughly five months), but worth every single baht. Thanks to the Smiling Seahorse, I had a rare view of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar that few... Continue Reading →

Shouting Silence

December 2014 I had no desire to visit Thailand and ended up staying over a month. The country’s grand reputation for tourism was a turn off and I felt I had enough to explore in the surrounding areas, but then I slipped through the cracks. The months leading to my stay at a Buddhist monastery... Continue Reading →

A Laotian Mural

November 2014 Spoiled by the gorgeous beaches and vast ocean of Southern Cambodia, I was not expecting much from the mighty Mekong River. I was wrong. The view from the front porch of my bungalow on the banks of Don Det was well worth the few dollars spent. With a bathroom (most bungalows are not... Continue Reading →

Classic Lao

November 2014 The pure, authentic, Asian culture I was craving, I found in Laos. With its best attractions being the vibrant scenery and rural life that exist throughout the country, it is the perfect destination to laze the day away. Laos is an ideal relaxation vacation to string up a hammock, grab a cold drink,... Continue Reading →

Exploration with Ease

    October 2014— Astonishing jungles and rural beaches are not the only part of Cambodia that need thorough examination. The intricately carved ruins of Angkor Wat allow one to have an extensive expedition into the country’s rich history. Taking my sweet time, bicycling Angkor Wat over the course of three days allowed me to... Continue Reading →


October 2014-- At the age of twenty six, I temporary retired. I made a budget, quit my job, and eventually found myself stretched out on a hammock in paradise, aka Koh Rong. What makes Koh Rong so special? No roads, no vehicles, and no power from 2am to 8am, except for the few bars that... Continue Reading →

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