Classic Lao

November 2014 The pure, authentic, Asian culture I was craving, I found in Laos. With its best attractions being the vibrant scenery and rural life that exist throughout the country, it is the perfect destination to laze the day away. Laos is an ideal relaxation vacation to string up a hammock, grab a cold drink,... Continue Reading →


Exploration with Ease

    October 2014— Astonishing jungles and rural beaches are not the only part of Cambodia that need thorough examination. The intricately carved ruins of Angkor Wat allow one to have an extensive expedition into the country’s rich history. Taking my sweet time, bicycling Angkor Wat over the course of three days allowed me to... Continue Reading →


October 2014-- At the age of twenty six, I temporary retired. I made a budget, quit my job, and eventually found myself stretched out on a hammock in paradise, aka Koh Rong. What makes Koh Rong so special? No roads, no vehicles, and no power from 2am to 8am, except for the few bars that... Continue Reading →

Oregonal Bliss

  August 2014 Sitting on the water’s edge of Crater Lake, I decided to shiver in the shade with the notion that I will burn soon enough out on the water. Two tour boats circled the lake twice a day to grant guests a view upon the lake, which I partook. To watch the lake... Continue Reading →

The Whole Picture

  October 2014 Phnom Penh is not a desirable city by any means, but I did appreciate learning about the Cambodian Genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge less than forty years ago. During the late 70s, the Khmer Rouge (a Communist political party in power at the time) killed between two and three million Khmer... Continue Reading →

First Impression

October 2014 The one constant I have seen throughout Cambodia is a simple smile. Everywhere I look people are smiling. It ranged from the family living in their tuk tuk to the familiar shopkeeper I purchased water from each morning. The Khmer are hard working, but are lighthearted in tough circumstances. A bit of humor... Continue Reading →

Opening the Third Eye

“Sixteen days that will last a lifetime.” --Ganga White I did not exactly know what Ganga meant the night he spoke these words, but now I can say he was right. At points I joked with my peers, “sixteen days that feel like a lifetime;” however, I loved every minute of my training except the... Continue Reading →

Studying an Organism

Organism- "a form of life composed of mutually interdependent parts that maintain various vital processes." I am usually mixed up within the chaos to not even notice one precious moment to the next, but now I was able to just sit back and observe its existence as a whole. I examined it from the... Continue Reading →

In Memory of Roger Muchnik

Dodge and I met in the spring of 2010 in Ordway, Colorado. We both were very fortunate to be staying with a lovely woman named Gillian. I basically spent every day for a month straight with Roger and it was a blast. We spent just about every night laughing ourselves to sleep. I originally came... Continue Reading →

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