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Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound, New Zealand

The best approach is heading to the grocery store, whether you travel internationally or domestically. Get your favorite snacks and/or try new exotic ones when in a foreign location. I usually pack a few granola bars and packaged snacks for international travel, just so I don’t spend a fortune at the airport. Trying new snacks and food aboard is well worth the time. In many cases the item is either healthier, cheaper, greater in quantity, or all of the above.

Usually on road trips I pack a bunch of sandwiches, bulk snacks (trail mix, cheese and crackers), soup, noodles, and many other easy to prepare food items. I picked up a small stove for $20-$30 and it was well worth the money. Between bringing a frying pan, small pot, and the right utensils, just about anything can be cooked and enjoyed under a clear sky full of stars.

Overseas or in the states, being smart with you food budget will enable you to afford the enjoyment of all the unique tastes around the globe, instead of wasting money at McDonald’s or some other BS. Hit the local spots. It is the way to discover a cultural cuisine and save a fortunate, especially in Asia.


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