Redwood National Park, California

Redwood National Park, California

I’ll try answering any questions you may have, or at least find someone who can. Email me at: JoeJoeontheGo@gmail.com


8 comments on “Contact

  1. Joejoe…..cool site….I’ll b e following your travels…..

  2. Bitchin’ site dude…such a rad trip!! Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood brutha!!

    Have fun,

  3. Course it stinks- it’s skunk cabbage. It has the ability to create sufficient warmth to melt snow around it. It is one of the 1st plants to emerge in the spring

  4. Joe, were you able to stop somewhere and catch the bew Spiderman premier?

  5. Hey Joe, I just checked out your site for the first time and I like what you got going here. Thanks for such a great introduction to couchsurfing. If not for someone cool like you I might not have given it more than just one chance. I hope to meet up with you soon. Peace, Jeff

  6. Just read the encounter into the national park. Swimming through a river would have been alright but the leeches would have me screaming like a banshee!

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