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Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

When it comes to booking a flight, these are a few sites I recommend to find great deals.


Kayak is highly valuable. The best thing about Kayak is that it searches all other sites to find the best deal. A good tip is to watch airline prices throughout the week and book a flight on a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. I’m not exactly sure why, but you may luck out and save $50 to $100 just from booking it a different day or time. Also, try changing a flight a few days one way or the other and compare airfares. Don’t be surprised to see a $100 price drop or more.

*****This is seriously where it’s at. I periodically checked for my flight to Ecuador for weeks and finally one Tuesday afternoon within a one hour time period (2p.m – 3p.m), I saved over $500.


Travel Zoo has an endless amount of great deals for local, domestic and international items including meals, operas, hotels, flights, vacation packages and much more. This is a great source when looking to compare a vacation package with individual pricing. It may be more worthwhile in some locations to go all out and get the package.


Lonely Planet has numerous great travel package deals to all different countries. Many include hotels, air fare, transportation, activities, and much more. Look ahead of time because these trips fill up fast. Check this site out first before you book anything because there are a lot of last minute deals that cannot be matched.

Though I cannot contest, some other travelers have recommended http://www.hopper.com and http://www.skyscanner.com.


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