Yoga on the Road

--Another guest article from Om Shala Yoga. Enjoy. Yoga on the Road By Joe Hessenius Being on the road and traveling will throw anyone out of whack. The body and the mind become exhausted and stressed. Oftentimes this occurs before we even reach our destination; however, there are a few things we can do to [...]

Self Love

Here is a guest article that I wrote for Om Shala Yoga Studio in Arcata, CA. Hope y'all enjoy. -Peace This fall I got the chance to know Joe better as he took on some marathon subbing for the shala during Sam’s sabbatical, and then I wrangled him into painting nearly the entire studio! We [...]


I was not exactly sure what I was getting myself into. I had a student from Yoga Sutra Shala recommend that I reach out to a juicing retreat less than hour away. I knew that I wanted to spend a few more weeks teaching yoga and the fact that it was so close and I [...]

The Shala

  I spent six weeks this summer at Yoga Sutra Shala, five of those weeks teaching yoga. I found this amazing retreat center through the work exchange website known as Workaway. I focused on developing my teaching skills and my personal yoga/meditation practice. I have been teaching yoga for over two years and never even [...]

Growing Up

Throughout my childhood there was always this impression that one day I would magically become a grown up. All dreams and desires that had bloomed within my adolescent years would suddenly petrify and become dust, drifting away into the wind. The years passed and my dreams and desires still remain.  13, 15, 18, 22, 27, [...]

The Ugly Truth of Traveling

We often glorify travelling, myself included, yet, the truth is that between all the wonderful sights, tastes, cultures, and new friends discovered; is a substantial amount of misery. Hours of waiting, fee after fee after fee, and stress accumulate quickly. I am fortunate because most times I am solo. I could not imagine dealing with [...]

Judgment is Instinctual

Judgment is instinctual. We cannot help ourselves. Judgment has already formed as you begin to read this post. The words I chose, even punctuation, or lack thereof, instantly casts a judgment. There is nothing wrong with judging, though, to embody our judgments can be troubling. A wonderful person in my life reminds me, “Don’t believe [...]

Portuguese Paradise

To sum up my experience in Portugal in one phrase, it would be ‘Casa do Pateo’. About forty kilometers south of Lisbon, near the internationally known Meco Beach, Casa do Pateo Guesthouse is a rejuvenating yoga and surf retreat center hidden amongst the tranquil nature that one would not even guess was so close to [...]


It blows my mind how disconnected we can be from ourselves and we have no clue. How non-physically present we are with every step and every breath. When was the last time you looked at your toes, stretched all of them on each foot, and then placed them down one toe at a time? Try [...]

Keep on Rolling

How would you like your own personal masseuse every single day without paying $60 - $100 per session? I think just about everyone I know could use that and thus is where Yoga Tune Up Balls come to the rescue. I began using Tune Up Balls about 2 years ago and ever since I have [...]