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Greetings to all and thank you for visiting! Well obviously, I’m Joe and this website is dedicated to providing awareness. I want people to be inspired and in awe at what makes up our world. I want people to discover that the impossible is easily obtainable. Of course, not everyone is up for trekking the unknown, so here is a firsthand account of it all.

I always thought seeing the world and traveling aboard would be very challenging, expensive and damn near impossible, but I found out that it’s not. Granted, like anything, it takes time, hard work, and dedication; however, rewarding in the end. People and places are available around the globe to make make traveling a whole new experience, allowing for one to absorb the culture that surrounds.

I’m in my mid-twenties and in no hurry to settle down. I figure drifting the globe is a nice way to delay the inevitable and I can only hope to find my place one day. I’ll use my knowledge (school, work, yoga, life) as a tool along my journey to see the beauty this world has to offer. Traveling and writing are two  passions that bring me pure happiness and I only hope to inspire others to seek there own.


2 comments on “About Me

  1. Joe love your page. I enjoy living thru you. Your giving me lots of ideas.

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