Portuguese Paradise


To sum up my experience in Portugal in one phrase, it would be ‘Casa do Pateo’. About forty kilometers south of Lisbon, near the internationally known Meco Beach, Casa do Pateo Guesthouse is a rejuvenating yoga and surf retreat center hidden amongst the tranquil nature that one would not even guess was so close to the tourist hub of Sesimbra.

I had the luxury of teaching yoga ten out of eleven days I was in Portugal. I originally only planned to stay a week, but my welcoming hosts, Mafalda and Sauro, made it so easy for me to stick around. Being submerged in Portuguese culture, complete silence, and good company, I had no reason to leave. Everything I wanted out of my experience was here, so I figured why not just spend a few more days soaking it all in, as opposed to frantically hopping from bus to bus and town to town.


Sharing my knowledge and passion for yoga and meditation was much appreciated. I taught in the —-dome every morning and evening, which was a new and special experience for myself. The acoustics within were astounding and trippy at the same time, especially when speaking in the center of the dome. It made my own practice that much more brilliant as I blasted heavy metal music throughout, which I am sure everyone else appreciated…


Easily accessible with public transit and the beach not being too far, it is the perfect setting to come and get away from the rest of the world. Oh yeah and the food. Absolutely fantastic. Local goods and home cooked love was a part of every meal. Being able to share each meal with likeminded guests and of course the hostess, Miss Mafalda, made mealtime even more special.


Mafalda shares so much knowledge, spanning from nutrition, mindfulness, Portuguese culture, and life experiences. Beyond being the proprietor of Casa do Pateo, she is a friend. Someone that guests come back to visit regularly because of her kindness and hospitality.

My experience would not have been what it was if I did not meet Mafalda’s partner, Sauro. Our comradery made my stay more refreshing, pretty much joking and kidding around the entire time. Boys will be boys. And I do not feel bad saying that, seeing as Sauro and I embody our teenage counterparts.


Casa do Pateo may not be for everyone, but I will guarantee that if you are looking for a special place to go and just simply relax, this is the spot. A place to enjoy one’s own solitude and share stories with likeminded individuals. Submerged in nature, hosted by grateful and mindful people, as well as a place to reconnect with oneself, Casa do Pateo is to be considered.

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