It blows my mind how disconnected we can be from ourselves and we have no clue. How non-physically present we are with every step and every breath. When was the last time you looked at your toes, stretched all of them on each foot, and then placed them down one toe at a time? Try it right now. You will be surprised how difficult it may be. And then try it again. No need to dwell on if you are doing it right or wrong, just do it.

Twinkling our toes is such a simple task, but how often do we do it? Our feet support us for our entire lives and they deserve much love and attention. The secret that I discovered is that we can be engaging our bodies so much more than we do and if it sounds like a lot more work, it is actually the opposite. Engaging our feet or the top of our head as we walk, sit, and stand brings our body into proper alignment, allowing us to strengthen in the areas we usually dump in. Hanging in our joints to support our body will eventually wear them out.

Extend your arms and stretch all of your fingers as much as possible, as if lightning bolts were shooting out of your fingers. Bonus round; with your arms and fingers extended, begin to rotate the hands and up through the arms, possibly coming into the shoulders and chest if possible. I bet you didn’t realize how much effort it would take to read this post.

We are so disconnected from our physical body it is insane. It is as if every office setting and vehicle is designed to destroy our bodies. The typing, texting, and driving many of us do all day, every day does not help. We could be engaging in our bodies an entirely different way that energizes our lives to the fullest. To find the full extension of the spine takes some work and practice. Start by bringing your head back over your shoulders and slightly tuck the chin.  We tall people have a tendency to slouch to fit in with everyone else. It is as if every office setting and vehicle is designed to destroy our bodies. The typing, texting, and driving many of us do all day, every day does not help.

Breathing keeps us alive. It fuels each day. How often do you sit and solely focus on your breath? Try it right now.  Do not think about anything except the breath. Inhale. Exhale. It is quite refreshing. Remember, breathing gives us energy and life, so what if we began intentionally breathing? Focus on your breath more and you may begin to find more energy throughout your day. Take the largest breath you can and then sip a little bit more air, filling the lungs and the diaphragm, and then exhale every last bit of breath from the lungs and the diaphragm. How do you feel?

I challenge you to commit one minute a day to focusing on your breath. Inhale. Ignore all thoughts. Exhale. Can you do that? It is not easy believe me, but very possible to achieve. Isn’t it bizarre that I am making this request rather than us habitually focusing on our breath?

I am not going all out conspiracy or hippie here; I am simply stating facts. To be conscious of the body and the breath will completely change your life. I promise. It changed mine. Like anything grand, we have to work for it and it may take awhile. Days, weeks, months, possibly even years, but have no fear. Be present. Be where you are today.

In conclusion, notice noticing.



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