Keep on Rolling


How would you like your own personal masseuse every single day without paying $60 – $100 per session? I think just about everyone I know could use that and thus is where Yoga Tune Up Balls come to the rescue. I began using Tune Up Balls about 2 years ago and ever since I have taken them with me everywhere. Seriously, along with my wallet, keys, and cell phone, my balls go everywhere with me. Yes, yes, the ball jokes infinite and are an additional bonus that we can all have a good laugh with, but honestly they are amazing.


I have discovered that body work (massage) is a key essential to our lives, especially with most of our lifestyles these days. I do not think we realize how beneficial something like this can be until we begin to take part and discover the world of difference it makes. It complements our aching bodies quite well and is so therapeutic.


On the floor or on the wall, rolling or just staying in one place with Tune Up Balls will bring that slight pain that feels oh so good that we find when we get a massage. I love using a ball and just pressing it into my neck while I am driving or sitting at a desk. (Disclaimer: Make sure you continue to stay focused on the activity at hand, like driving because I want you to be safe.)


I have literally spent hours and hours finding every nook and cranny in my body. From neck to toes, one can discover the benefits of self massage. As Tune Up Fitness states, we can identify and focus on our “body blind spots”, which are places that are “overused, underused, and misused”.


Here is a link to purchase your Yoga Tune Up Balls today —

If you use this link, I get a kickback, so do it because you love me and most importantly, do it for yourself. I am telling you; you will not regret it. has a number of videos and suggestions as well with a list of different classes and workshops that focus on how to use your balls (ha). And yes the jokes never get old.


I hope you enjoy and please email me or comment if you have any questions and/or if you would like for me to post some videos to teach more tricks. You may have to pay for the demo videos with Tune Up Fitness, so just shout out and I can provide some beginner videos for free on my site or Facebook.

Thank you for reading and your support.

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