“She Is Everything”

The title of this post is a quote from Marva Jones of Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples. While reflecting upon how to capture Mother Earth Day in a few words, an idea blossomed, “She Is Everything.” Short, sweet, and so true. Thank you for these words of wisdom.


Mother Nature is an astounding feat. If there is a god to be praised, she is thee. The colors, patterns, textures, and diversity of nature is nearly infinite, captivating us at every turn. I see how genres like science fiction and fantasy develop such bizarre environments and species with those that exist in our world. To kick-start the mind, think of quick sand, sulphar baths (like at Yellowstone), poisonous insects, venomous reptiles, psychedelic mushrooms, the expansive ocean, an octopus; I could go on and on, so dream for a moment.

*                                                                 *                                                              *


Our own unique world is so valuable, yet we squander it. I would like to think I cherish the earth, but I could always do more. The urge to promote change, whether for the world or myself, has encouraged me to learn how to grow food and educate others.

I love farming, especially in California. My body aches, but it feels good. Anytime I become discouraged or anxious picking vegetables and weeding in the field, I just have to look up. Fields stretch every which-way to forested mountain bases. My vision then retracts to the twenty acre plot we are farming and the abundance of food that is grown there.


Tasks became monotonous, but a meditation as well. Many thoughts flowed through my mind, good and bad, allowing me to sort a few. The greatest part about working outside (and just being outside in general) is not being restricted by walls, which is probably why my thoughts flowed so freely. Mountains jutting into the sky miles to the East, casting an amazing sunrise every morning, were my only boundaries.

It’s extraordinary, especially after coming out of a fluorescent-lit customer serving prison and yet as dramatic as I may sound, the first morning I gazed across acres and acres of open fields with cattle grazing nearby, dew clearing from the warm sun; I knew this was where I belong.


Exploring the environment around us is a great chance to appreciate the many natural monuments surrounding. Though I am fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest, nature exists everywhere and we are all able to enjoy it every day. If not amongst the trees, rivers, streams, lakes, or oceans, then create your own. Plant a flower. Watch it grow. Better yet, grow your own food. It is inspiring and very therapeutic.

In conclusion, go outside, lie in the grass, and go from there.


3 thoughts on ““She Is Everything”

  1. Not an expert in this computer so I tried to leave a comment an failed. Want you to know that I am very happy to find you so happy. Love your positive attitude. Love always, Gram

  2. Great to see how content you are. Takes most of us till in our 50’s or more to discover what is important in life. Love you, Gram

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