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The Redwoods, Northern California

The Redwoods, Northern California

The earth is sick and we are the illness. Yes, many people do care and have acted towards a cleaner environment; however, the larger percentage of those that do not has suffocated us. My hope is to plant the seed for future generations to live in unison with the environment as a lifestyle and not a chore. The movement in place today has convinced me that we can make a difference and that there are people acting to repair the damage caused. I am tired of hearing mankind is doomed. That we are at a point of no return, so we might as well continue to carelessly destroy what we have left. Ignoring the issue will not resolve it and saving the planet is not an effort that can be left to someone else because only a national and/or international movement will cause change.

How can we help? It is so simple.

-Reusable grocery bags


-Flush the toilet every other use

-Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth

-Turn off the light when you are not in the room

-Carpool, cycle, or possibly WALK!!!

-Repair leaky faucets. It will save on your water bill and the planet.

Many more ways to save are easy to find online. Do one of them or all of them, but please do something. It does not take much and it does make a difference. I am not stating that we need to completely flip our lives around, just be conscious. Within our lifetime, the availability of drinkable water will become an issue. The air we breathe; contaminated. The oceans we swim in and get our food from; polluted. The forests that provide clean air and that root the earth beneath us in place; devastated.

I will never forget a fact I saw posted in a restroom stall in Thailand. It read that we would have clear-cut every forest in the world by now if everyone in India and China used toilet paper. An interesting fact that almost convinced me to wipe my ass with my bare left hand (because one shakes hands with the right) and though I still use toilet paper; I am conscious of my usage. If we are conscious of our actions, we will change the world.

Awareness. The word empowers an entire sentence on its own. Being aware of one’s emotions, actions, and environment will naturally balance life. Try taking three, one minute breaks a day to become aware over the next week. Seriously, give it a shot. One may be surprised what turns up.


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  1. Great thoughts. Your on the right track. Hope I remember to join you. Love always, Gram

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