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The earth is sick and we are the illness. Yes, many people do care and have acted towards a cleaner environment; however, the larger percentage of those that do not has suffocated us. My hope is to plant the seed for future generations to live in unison with the environment as a lifestyle and not […]

Making the World Go Round and Round

December 2015 –With almost forty references between hosting, surfing, and random interactions, proudly all positive, Couchsurfing has influenced my travels a lot more than I realized. My most recent cross country road trip initiated this thought as I miraculously had four hosts in a row to accommodate me on my ride from Chicago, Illinois to […]

The Temple of Aeolus

November 2015-  Though there was a chill in the air, the sun was shining brightly and with about a fifteen-hundred foot elevation gain; we could not have had a more beautiful day. There was at least a ten degree (Fahrenheit) temperature difference in the shadows of the canyon walls, which only encouraged me to pick […]