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Solidifying Roots

My first hour and a half in Oakland was spent creeping along the freeway in rush hour traffic in an attempt to reach my second cousin’s (my mom’s cousin) house. Jason, his wife, Heather, and their children, Jessmine and Jeremy, kindly hosted my mother and I while we were in the area. Within a few […]

Studying an Organism

Organism– “a form of life composed of mutually interdependent parts that maintain various vital processes.” – I am usually mixed up within the chaos to not even notice one precious moment to the next, but now I was able to just sit back and observe its existence as a whole. I examined it from the […]

Cruising the California Coast

Traveling on the famous Highway 1 in California allows each person to experience the open road, picture perfect scenery, and the tranquility of the ocean all at once. I will focus this piece on the sixty seven mile (one hundred and eight km) stretch between Santa Cruz and Big Sur, located south of San Francisco. […]

Nature’s Finest

I must admit Yosemite National Park is as spectacular as hyped. Mother Earth gets props for the architecture done on this natural wonder. Every way you turn is another beautiful photo. A drive on Tioga Pass supports this theory as the boulders and grass glistened under the warm, spring sun. Our first look upon Half […]

From Death to Life

(I wish I was writing about zombies, but just my travels for now.) I will begin by stating that my mother knows how to plan one hell of a vacation. She asked for my input months before the trip, which was little to no help, and we ended up with the ideal itinerary. My mom […]