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Moving Forward

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

I am pleased to announce the end of an era and the start of a new. As difficult as it is to leave my friends and family, it is time for me to find my place in this world. Over a week on the road and it immediately reminds why I worked so hard these past four years. The knowledge and experience I have accumulated in this time is remarkable. Earning my college degree, painting houses, and living life to the fullest has prepared me to take the next step. I am on the road again to see where it takes me or what it may bring me.

I will detail my experiences as they come, wherever I may be. I have a few things planned, but other than that I have no idea, which is part of the appeal. I will begin with my first stop, Colorado. Oh what joyous times….

—To be continued.

P.S– Thanks for all those who support my writing and the journeys that I partake. Your support drives me each day.


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