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Ecuadorian Holiday Extranvaganza: “Concluding in the Galapagos was Genius”

I’m fortunate to have gone to one of the most unique places in the world, but I’m even luckier that I got on the plane at all. I barely made my flight because of ATM issues, which continued when I arrived to Santa Cruz Island. At least six ATM’s and a thirteen dollar phone call […]

Ecuadorian Holiday Extranvaganza- Part 2: ¡Baños!

From Montañita, I returned north to make a stop in Baños for a few days before catching my flight to the Galapagos Islands from Quito. At this point in my travels, I was in bad shape. I was sick and sun burnt, and then became sicker. The drastic altitude and weather change took its toll […]

Enjoying My Ecuadorian Holiday

I’ll begin with an apology for not updating my blog along the way, but I try to take advantage of every moment when I’m only gone a few weeks. I’m able to soak up everything and brainstorm for a minute before I just spew everything on the page. I had to enjoy every last morsel […]