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An Unexpected Conclusion to an Epic Journey

I have been home for two days and reflecting on my trip. I had a blog all typed up, but it got deleted. Frustrated, I waited a day. Sorry for the delay. I have no chance of remembering it, so here I go anew…….. The last week of my vacation was epic to say the […]

Conquering Canada

I had no idea what I would encounter in Canada, but what I found was a kick charge to my adrenaline. The Canadian border was friendly to me this time, so I was in a chipper mood. The excitement began right at the border of the Yukon and British Columbia. I was driving down the […]

A Sad Departure

This morning I left Fairbanks, Alaska and drove all the way to Whitehorse, Canada. The drive was over five hundred miles and as I drove, I felt a shed of sadness. I have made some really good friends in Alaska and it was hard to say goodbye. We shared many great laughs and adventures that […]