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So I’m still in Alaska…….

The joys of Alaska have kept me here. I was planning on leaving Monday morning to head to Canada, but I didn’t and it was a great decision. I last wrote about my ventures around Kodiak. I took the ferry from there to Homer and drove up to Anchorage. I spent the weekend chilling with […]

Kodiak Island Baby!!!

Here I am reporting from Kodiak, Alaska. It has been quite an experience, as is this entire trip. I board the ferry this morning, marking the official start of me returning home. Granted, it will be over two weeks before I return, I will begin heading north toward Anchorage tonight. I have had a wonderful […]

The Kenai Peninsula

The Kenai Peninsula is gorgeous. I have spent a few days exploring it and have taken in quite a bit from all the breathtaking sites. My first stop was in Seward. For such a small town, it has so much to offer. I hopped out of my car and right on to a cart led […]

Back on the Road

So I figured I should probably start moving again after chilling in Fairbanks for a week. There is not much to see in Fairbanks, but the friends I have made kept me longer than any attraction yet. Adam, Cameran and Siny are the people who made me not want to leave Fairbanks. Adam and Cameran […]

The Relaxing Part of my Vacation

  I always remind myself on every trip, this is still my vacation. I don’t need to be constantly doing something. In other words, I like taking a lazy day. Now of course it’s not quite lazy. I arrived in Fairbanks two days ago and have accomplished quite a bit. I have been able to […]