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Trekking Juneau

Well Juneau has been quite the trip. I spent my first night sleeping on a fishing boat and the other three nights on a sailboat. I originally met a fellow named Abraham at the Mountain Market in Haines, Alaska and we started talking about what brought us to where we were. He was about to […]

From One Extreme to Another

I have moved on to my alternative mode of transportation–Bicycle. I have been biking the area of Haines, AK the last two days.  When I bike to the ferry terminal today, I will have biked over twenty five miles and it was well worth it. I arrived bright and early yesterday morning. I went to […]

The Alaska Highway

Driving to Alaska is the only way to go. The Alaskan Highway is unlike anything I have ever seen. The scenery is gorgeous and I felt compelled to shoot a photo or video every moment. I did not because a photo could not capture the essence of beauty I was surrounded in. Don’t get me […]

Exploring Drumheller and Edmonton

Dromheller, Alberta was well worth taking the time to visit, a suggestion from my previous host. Drumheller is the home of the Canadian Badlands and has an ample amount of history as well.     A coal mining company operated here for many years before they closed and donated the land to the government to […]

Regina Rocks!!!

First of all, I need to give Curt, Andrea, Emily, and Neil a huge thank you for welcoming me into their home and showing me what Regina, Saskachewan really has to offer. I had originally planned on only staying one night, but it turned into three. Friday morning was very relaxing, exactly what I needed after […]

They let me in!!!

Yes, I am officially in Canada. FYI, you cannot enter Canada if you had a DUI in the past ten years, unless you were under eighteen when it happened. I am spending my second night on the road in Regina and I have already changed the itinerary.  I don’t exactly have it figured out yet, […]


I have been spending my last few days frantically finishing finals, packing my bags, visiting friends, and working my ass off to have a few extra bucks before I head north. I managed to squeeze in a metal concert at the House of Blues in Chicago with one of my favorite bands, Meshuggah.  I rocked […]